Monavie dan NewStraitsTimes (Malaysia)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Suratkhabar New Straits Times (Malaysia) bertarikh 18 Mac 2010, Khamis telah mengeluarkan artikel tentang acai beri. Artikel ni tak cover tentang Monavie Freeze-Dried OptiAcai, tetapi lebih kepada asal-usul buah acai beri dan bagaimana penduduk sekitar Amazon, Brazil mendapat manfaat disebabkan oleh status buah acai beri sebagai Super Fruit. Boleh cek kat link berikut:

 Buah Acai Beri

Quote from the article,

"For the de Souzas and families around them, added income has meant that they can buy meat and chicken in town, attach motors to their boats, purchase power generators or solar panels and afford parabolic antennas and televisions to watch soccer, news and soaps.

That’s a big change from when de Souza was growing up, learning to scale trees to break off the big bunches of Açaí hanging just below the palm fronds.
Ivan Saiki, director of Cam-ta, a co-operative and fruit processor in Tomé-Açu, another major Açaí-producing municipality, said: “Before the boom, the harvest came and the Açaí was worth practically nothing. Before, nobody had television, nobody had a motorised canoe. Now many have their own electricity at home. It’s greatly improved the life of the river communities.”"

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